Latest relaxation of the lockdown rules 23rd June 2020

Today (23 June) the Prime Minister announced further relaxation of the lockdown rules but it’s still only groups of up to six people from different households that are allowed to meet outdoors. The change is that the advised separation is now 1 metre plus rather than at least 2 metres. Anyone who is considered clinically vulnerable (which includes the over 70s) is advised to stay at home as much as possible and those who are clinically extremely vulnerable have to continue shielding. The changes will therefore not make bowling any easier and we are still unable to say when we will be able to meet as a full club for a drive or when we could start playing friendly matches.

However the good(ish) news is that at the time of writing 26 members have accepted the hopefully low risk and enjoyed a simple game of bowls in either singles or pairs and report that the green is bowling well.

If you wish to book a rink please phone me so I can make sure that no more than 6 people are at the ground at any time, And do make sure you are keeping to the social distancing rules and using hand sanitiser.


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