Relaxed Lockdown Competition

Hello all

Let’s hope we all stay well as the country moves out of lockdown

Some people have suggested that only playing ‘roll-ups’ ,while being better than nothing, is not very stimulating and they would like the thrill of competition.

So if you fancy taking part in round-robin type competitions of pairs or triples, please contact me if you want to play in the pairs or triples or both.


Rules are:

pairs or triples teams will be drawn by lot.

Teams will be male, female or mixed just as they are drawn

Matches will be 12 ends for both pairs and triples

There is no entry fee and no prizes

Please let me know if you want to enter by 8pm on Friday 25 July

When I know how many people wish to take part I’ll draw up a schedule

Please pass this on to any members without e-mail who you think might wish to take part.




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